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Rambling On

11 Feb 2017 | Club News

I recently had a member contact me and lament that he could not go on many events because the start point was not convenient for public transport. This can be a problem as many good walks start from remote locations but there are some steps you can take to help yourself if you are in this position.

Work with your Group Coordinator to lead a walk that is public transport friendly. Your group can have more than one walk a month and can be on any day of the week so as not to clash with surrounding groups regular walk day. You could even start the walk from your doorstep if you wanted.

Ask if anyone going on an event could give you a lift from the nearest town that you can get to using public transport. You can contact event attendees online using 'Post a message to the public list' at the bottom of the event listing.

Post a message to your local group forum asking if anyone in your area could give you a lift. Ask your Group Coordinator if they know of anyone or if they would add a request to their group reminder email. Offer to share the fuel cost to show your appreciation.

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