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3 May 2016 | West Wales Group

This doesn;t happen very often for our group thank goodness, but for once the weather forecast for rain all day actually turned out to be exactly that.

I'm sure that had put some people off coming, but thankfully not Mark the walk leader, although Robert D had brought some table tennis bats with him just in case the walk didn't take place and we could have played in the dry and the warm in a local hall in Narberth.With hindsight that now sounds like a very good idea!!!

But in the event, neither the bats nor the balls were needed as six of us gathered in 'orrible fine drizzle that would continue througout the walk and indeed throughout the whole day.

Mark said that he might shorten the walk slightly as there were cows and calves in a farm field which might prove difficult.

We set off down a lovely green lane that led from the car park and made our way via a few lanes to Canaston Woods.

Here, and in other places along the way the wild flowers were blooming lovely!!!with Mark educating us on the ones we didn't know.

We continued towards Blackpool Mill-had we really come that far and where was the tower??!!--and after a while we came to a bridge which we needed to walk underneath.As it was the only shelter, we decided to have an earlyish lunch in the dry.

After lunch we proceeded to the farm with the lively animals and as we didn't have any dogs with us, we decided to be very brave and face the cows head on, which actually turned into a reality.

They were hiding in the far end of a field out of sight and came running towards us to see why these silly humans didn't have anything better to do on a very soggy day!!

We managed to get them to run to the other end of the field and Mark and Robert led us bravely through.

We then had to pass near the farm which was very wet and mucky and we had to wade through lots of indescribable YUK!!!

Then into another lovely green area with lots of more beautiful flowers and on to Llawhaden Bridge where we had a brief stop for refreshments.

Very soon we had a steep ascent up a road.When we were all nearly at the top Gerry who was absent and out of sight, cried out, and Mark, Jim and Robert ran back down ready for any emergency.

Russ and I wisely stayed at the top.Gerry was perfectly alright he had just been lagging back a bit and hadn't seen which way we had gone!!!

Russ and I stood smugly watching as the others climbed the hill again.

We strode through the village of Robeston Wathen with its lovely church and then down a very slippery path and eventually back on the green lane where we had started, arriving back at Narberth car park.

Robert had said that all the cafes in Narberth were shut on a Sunday which did surprise us especially as it was Bank Holiday so Dafydd sitting in his warm dry house--lucky Dafydd--had found us a cafe open in a nearby Garden Centre.

Jim said his farewells and Gerry jumped in Marks car and off we went following Roberts car in convoy as we had no idea where we were going.

Unfortuantley coming out of the car park we seemed to meet rush hour traffic in Narberth and Russ became detached, never to be seen again--well hopefully to be seen again, but not on that  particular day!!

The rest of us arrived at the cafe with Dafydd waiting for us.

The 5 of us enjoyed coffee and cake and the warmth of the fire, as we were starting to get cold by this stage.

After checking on directions to get back to the main road, we all said our goodbyes and thanked Mark for a very lovely walk.

We couldn't think of anything else we would rather have been doing on a very soggy Bank Holiday. 




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