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High Tech Rambling On

21 Nov 2016 | Club News


ViewRanger has offered GOC members a discount on their award winning software.

Members can enter the code found here, on their website to receive a 10% discount on purchases.

Pop-up events – I have been experimenting with putting up last minute events online and gauging the reaction. This spur-of-the-moment event was put on when I noticed a NT Christmas craft fair and combined it with a NT walk. The event is showing 6 attendees signed up so well worth opening it up for members to join in the fun.

Someone asked if you have to pay online to be able to claim Gift Aid and the answer is no, it does not matter how you pay for membership. As long as you, or in the case of joint membership one of you, pay UK Income Tax you are able to check the Gift Aid box here.


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