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An Unfortunate Occurrence

5 Sep 2018 | Club News

I am sorry to report that in early August I had a mini-stroke, resulting in
me having to spend a few days in hospital. When I returned home, in
consultation with my fellow board members, it was decided that I should
step down from my post as AOG Organiser, by far the most demanding
of my various roles, with immediate effect.
The search to find a successor is now urgent. May I emphasise that
whoever takes over will not have to do things as I did. Many of the
clerical tasks can be delegated, and I will still be available to perform at
least some of them if my successor wants me to. Nor will the new
organiser have to run the AGM, which is the secretary’s responsibility.
In addition, the basic arrangements for 2019 are already in place, and so
my successor will only need to familiarise themselves with where we are.
The attraction is that it’s a really interesting and rewarding job that you
can see right through to its conclusion. The challenge is pulling
everything together and taking charge over the weekend itself. It is these
tasks that I am no longer able to undertake.
I have drawn up a checklist, setting out, as simply as I can, what the job
entails. If you think you might be interested, please contact either me or
Richard so that we can discuss the matter with you.
Peter, Secretary

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