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A flat walk around Caesars Camp Aldershot

29 Jan 2014 | Surrey Group
Dressed for rain at the start of the walk
A picture for the Fortean Times
Pat, our pin up for the day
Cant go far wrong with a chocolate finger (or two)

A flat walk around Caesars Camp Aldershot


Despite the persistent weather Pat led us on a lovely walk over varied MOD land hunting for squaddie totty. The pictures tell you all you need to know about the weather but we still had 20 members at the start all wrapped up and raring to go with the same number at the finish despite Pat offering a get out if you dare option at the lunch stop. The MOD must have known we were coming as they had cleared a barn for us to have our lunch in where we were visited upon by an alien being manifesting from a rucksack (as seen in the photo).

The rain relented at the very end satisfied in the knowledge that we were drenched which allowed us to enjoy the tea and cakes undiluted. Great mirth was made of my ability to accommodate two of James's chocolaty fingers which I felt were needed to make up for the lack of squaddie action.

Thanks go to Pat for planning/ leading the walk, Gordon for the photos and those in charge of the butlers pantry for supplying provisions at the end of the walk. 


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