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A day in Essex, land of the haunting Oaks.....

17 Jul 2016 | London Group
If only they could tell their story! The pained, petrified oaks of Essex.


I couldn't make our club walk on July 10, however the event lead, Cyprian Crowley, has summed up the days proceedings, warts and all:


"The North Fambridge to Althorne walk, in Essex, although longer than the anticipated – some members  estimated it was closer to 13 than 11 miles –  offered the group a variety of terrain and landscape in this sequestered, estuarine, part of the county: ripe and ripening fields of corn and barley, waist-high rape, big skies, river creeks (the Blackwater and the Crouch), not forgetting the field of beautiful, fantastically-shaped, petrified oaks, which provided interesting photo opportunities. All seemed impressed by the quiet simplicity of the ancient St. Mary's church, outside of which we had lunch. Although we followed the St. Peters Way for part of the walk, most of our rambling was over what appeared to be overgrown, little-used paths – I think we probably  encountered less than half a dozen people during the entire length of the walk. Eleven of us started out together and five of us completed the whole walk, after making a brief diversion on our way back to Althorne station for a late afternoon drink. The weather was mainly cloudy and mild, with a gentle breeze, and one light shower, with the latter part of the afternoon ending on a gloriously sunny note. There were a few hiccups -  a few wrong turnings, as a result of my experiencing some mild  cognitive impairment, but the groups morale held up, and added, I like to think, to the 'magical mystery tour' aspect of the day!"


Pictures by Paul Conway 

Beautiful big Essex sky shining on the day
Members last seen heading through the fields of corn!
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