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An Unfortunate Occurrence

5 Sep 2018 | Club News

I am sorry to report that in early August I had a mini-stroke, resulting in me having to spend a few days in hospital. When I returned home, in consultation with my fellow board members, it was decided that I should step down from my post as AOG Organiser, by far the most demanding of my various roles, with immediate effect. The search to find a successor is now urgent. May I emphasise that whoever takes over will not have to do things as I did. Many of the clerical tasks can be delegated, and I will still be available to perform at least some of them if my successor wants me to....
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Website Redesign Update

1 Sep 2018 | Club News

Owen has completed the core functionality and modified the appearance for multiple platforms. We are now concentrating on the virtuous cycle of testing, providing feedback, applying fixes and retesting.

We are in desperate need of more testers to extensively test the site as only 3 users have provided in-depth feedback to date. No computer system is bug free on release but we can reduce the number of issues at go live by having more testers on board. Do not assume someone else will do the testing or that using the website will be too difficult, we need your help....
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Request for Assistance - help with Marketing

29 Aug 2018 | Club News

The Board of the GOC needs your help. We are working towards hiring a 3rd party marketing firm at the end of the year to focus on increasing membership and diversity. This will represent a substantial investment for the club allowing us to explore using online marketing, target potential new members, raise the profile of the club and use the marketing budget efficiently/ effectively. We wanted to make one more attempt to see if there are any members who could help us with some or all of these efforts either on a volunteer basis or as paid work helping manage the marketing company or providing marketing content and expertise....
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Winning Photo August

29 Aug 2018 | Club News

Looking through last months event reports we could see bridges featured a lot in the photos. This photo stood out and was taken by John Gibbs durning the Dorset walk.

The event report can be read here.
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