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Event Reports from North East Group


A View of the Tyne – 21st January 2018

27 Jan 2018 | North East Group

The signs were not so good: a night of heavy snowfall earlier in the week had left its mark across the landscape and the temperatures had not by the weekend risen sufficiently to remove the ice underfoot; and the forecast for the Sunday predicted further snowfall during the afternoon. So it was with some pleasure to see that six optimistic and hardy participants appeared for the start of our walk at Central Station in Newcastle.

Actually the conditions underfoot turned out to be not as bad as some had feared....
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Winston, Wycliffe and Whorlton – 7th January 2018

11 Jan 2018 | North East Group

The offer of an extra walk this month gave us a good opportunity to put new year’s resolutions into practice and to get out into the countryside on a cold but sunny day, for a shortish but invigorating winter walk. A very creditable eighteen eager participants appeared at the start, including many of our regulars, and a number of recent newcomers who we are pleased are demonstrating an enthusiasm which bodes well for the future of our group. Our event facilitators Martin and David introduced themselves, and encouraged everyone to say hello and have a chat with everyone else during the course of the day....
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In Search of an Old Queen – 19th November 2017

26 Nov 2017 | North East Group

Thirteen of us gathered to meet with our event coordinators Martin and David, on a bright morning at Piercebridge, a short way to the west of Darlington, for a good walk through quiet lanes and field paths. To put this in context: Piercebridge is located on the north-south Roman road known as Dere Street at the crossing of the river Tees; it was one of four Roman forts on the strategic route leading towards Hadrian’s Wall. The Old Queen that had lured us here would, we were told, might be encountered later in the day....
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From Barmpton near Darlington

2 Nov 2017 | North East Group

Our October walk started on the edge of Darlington, at a meeting point perhaps a bit less remote than for some of our events but in an area nevertheless not without interest and facilitated and supported by people living nearby, with local knowledge and enthusiasm. Twelve of us gathered at the appointed time and after a chance for brief greetings and introductions we set off.

We were very soon into open countryside, crossing the river Skerne on an attractive ancient-looking stone bridge, and we noticed a series of tall new wind generators, some complete and others still under construction....
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