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Hastings to Rye - Sunday 9th July 2017

12 Jul 2017 | East Kent, London Groups

16 intrepid men set off slightly later than planned from Hastings Station due to a South Eastern train cancellation. We welcomed two men from Southend and also one more local from Lewes. Through the Old Town to the first set of many, many steps up to the East Cliff and into the 1066 Country Park. Enjoying superb views back to the town. Some of the coastal path near Fairlight Cove has slipped away and a barrier now blocks that way so a detour slightly inland was required,  then on through the various glens, each time climbing up steps then down again. We picnicked on the cliff above Fairlight village, then down past a number of very attractive "Maine, New England" style houses.

Once at Pett Levels there was unfortunately (for Matthew!) no time allowed for a sea swim, so we continued alongside the Royal Military Canal built in the early 1800s to keep out the French towards Winchelsea.  We stopped for a much needed drink and cake, served by a pub landlord with a rather frosty attitude (trying to be witty but failing) . But his pub did have a beautiful and shady garden, which was very welcome on an extremely hot day of totally unbroken sunshine.

Revived we bumped into Allan, on his bike, who had got a later train after the cancellation. We then continued along the canal and the tricky part of finding the right bridge over the many drainage ditches to head past Rye Harbour and into the town.  Arriving around 19.15 some returned to London via Ashford and others via Eastbourne.

A really super coastal walk....long at close to 14 miles and ascents equivalent to about 140 floors (500+ metres).





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