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Goslings Swimmers

Welcome to Goslings Swimmers

March 2018 update

As Spring arrives, with milder and lighter evenings, the Oasis outdoor pool is again warm and inviting, drawing the Goslings to swim. Come on down with your cozzie to join our Thursday evening sessions....shake off the sloth of hibernation, and swim as dusk gives way to velvety night and the light of the moon and stars. We need  more swimmers to help cover the cost of the private hire of the pool, so  make an effort to come more often this spring and summer - you won't regret it. Can even warm up first, or -if you're quick- afterwards, in the poolside sauna. Note we are closed on the Thursday before Easter, 29th March.

Go Goslings !

General Information

The London gay swimming group Goslings, which has  been operating a weekly swim at the Oasis heated outdoor pool, Covent Garden, for over 30 years,  has been fully integrated as a Specialist Group within GOC since April  2012. (In fact, this is a homecoming to GOC as Goslings originally grew out of GOC back in the 1980s.)

Details of our weekly Thursday evening swim are on our events page, and are listed in the Regular Events page in OUTdoors. 

Many of the Goslings also adjourn to the pub after the weekly swim.

To see how nice the Oasis pool is ( and pending any more exciting photos taken by the Goslings ) - see the official picture on the Oasis website, or you can use their virtual tour  to look round the whole centre.  


Answers below to some other questions we're often asked :

We are non-competitive, and all levels of swimming ability are welcome, but Goslings does not provide swimming lessons. There is no need to book in advance, you can just turn up

The regular Goslings are (like GOC as a whole) predominantly gay male but women are equally welcome. Goslings have (for the time being) private hire of the pool for our session. Non-members of GOC can swim with us occasionally but must pay a higher rate, and after three swims should join GOC. We quite often have straight visitors who didn't realise that the pool  closes to the public early that evening - we're happy to let them swim (at the higher rate) if they're relaxed about a gay swimming club.We often have two or three such visitors.

The pool has fast, medium and slow lanes - take your pick. In each lane people are swimming up and down, and there's often a  chatty gathering at the shallow end ( where the warmer water comes in ). But the session is really for lane swimming, so unless there are very few people it's not practical just to splash around.

We do operate through almost all the year, though numbers dip in winter (and we close for a few weeks over Xmas and New Year as well as the Thursday before Easter) and rise in summer. The pool really is outdoors, but is reasonably heated. In spring, summer and early autumn it's far better than an indoor pool. Even in winter, it can be fun, and you can warm up in the poolside sauna too.

Details of April 2018 prices 

Individual swim sessions will  still cost  £6.00  for GOC members, £7.00 for non-member guests - these prices are held steady from last year.  For the GOC members' rate, remember to bring your GOC membership certificate. A six-month summer season ticket (covering April to September 2018 inclusive) will cost £80.

We have experienced very substantial recent price hikes for our private hire of the Oasis pool, so there's some uncertainty how long the private hire model is sustainable without more swimmers  using it. That is why this year we are offering a summer-only rather than a full 12 month season ticket. We'll take stock of how things go over the summer.

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