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The Henry Lewis Memorial walk at Llanarthne.

Event Details

General information


This is a very Special event,

1. A walk at Llanarthne,

2. A meal,


3. A visit to Dryslwyn Castle in memory to our Great Friend Henry, where we will be able to share stories and raise a glass to Dear Henry.

***People can join in any or all of the events on offer here but if you want to be included in the meal please ensure you sign up below by 22 June.

For people who attended his funeral in Llanddarog and heard the moving words sung from Henrys own work--Touching the Towy-- Dryslwyn Castle, right by the River Towy, was one of his favourite places.

1. The walk will be 5.5 miles around Llanarthne and up to Paxton's Tower, which can be seen on the skyline from the village.

The walk is shorter than our usual ones but we have a lot to pack in today.

There will be a meal on offer immediately afterwards at a hostelry in Llanarthne--see below for full details and then a short drive of 1.5 miles, to then do the short climb up to Dryslwyn Castle, one of Henrys favourite places.

The walk covers various different terrains, fields, two beautiful woodlands and quite a bit on quiet country lanes.The views on most of this walk are quite spectacular including good views of the National Bootanic Gardens and its glasshouse and other distinctive buildings.

The views from the top at Paxton's Tower are very dramatic with the River Towy winding its way, this way and that, through the magnificent countryside.

There are ups and downs--the Tower is perched high above--but on good tracks (which could be muddy if it's been wet) and/or country lanes.

There are a couple of stiles on this walk.

Bring a drink and/or snack.


2. There will be a meal on offer immediately afterwards at a hostelry in Llanarthne--see below for full details.


3. Then a short drive of 1.5 miles, to do the short climb up to Dryslwyn Castle, one of Henrys favourite places and if the weather is kind we can stay a while here, a lovely place and the parking area is right by the river.


Mae hwn yn ddigwyddiad arbennig

1 Taith Gerdded yn Llanarthne.

2 Pryd o fwyd

3 Ymweld a Chastell Dryslwyn i gofio un o’n haelodau Henry ble gallwn rannu atgofion a chynnig llwncdestun i gofio amdano.

***Mae croeso i bobol ymuno am ran neu fwy o’r diwrnod ond os hoffech ymuno i gael pryd o fwyd wnewch chi roi eich enw isod.

Roedd ardal Castell Dryslwyn ger afon Tywi yn hoff gan Henry ac un eitem yn ei angladd yn Llanddarog oedd y gan ‘Touching the Tywi’.

1 Bydd y Daith yn 5.5 milltir o gwmpas Llanarthne a lan at Dwr Paxton y gellir ei weld o’r pentre. Mae’r daith yn fyrrach nag arfer ond mae’r rhaglen yn eitha llawn.

Wedyn bydd pryd o fwyd mewn ty bwyta yn Llanarthne a gweler y manylion isod ac yna gyrru tua 1.5 milltir a dringo chydig at Gastell Dryslwyn.

Wrth gerdded byddwn yn mynd trwy gaeau, dau dir coediog braf ac eitha tipyn ar lonydd gwledig. Mae golygfa ysblenydd ar hyd y daith a golwg glir tuag at y Gerddi Botaneg Cenedlaethol a’r ty gwydr a’r adeiladau arbennig eraill.


Mae’r olygfa o ben Twr Paxton yn drawiadol ac afon Tywi yn troelli yma ac acw trwy’r ardal hyfryd.

Mae’na lan a lawr- mae’r Twr lan yn uchel- ond mae’na lonydd da (all fod yn fwdlyd) a/neu lonydd gwledig.

Mae sawl camfa ar y daith.

Dewch a diod a rhywbeth i fwyta os dymunwch.

2. Bydd pryd o fwyd yn y ty bwyta yn Llanarthne- gweler y manylion isod.

3. Yna taith fer 1.5 milltir i ddringo chydig at Gastell Dryslwyn ac os bydd y tywydd yn deg gallwn aros tipyn yma, lle braf ac mae’r maes parcio ar lan yr afon.

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