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Getting Involved with Running the Gay Outdoor Club

Going on GOC events gives people a lot of enjoyment and has resulted in enduring friendships or partnerships, so a lot of members want to give something back. Because GOC is a member’s club, it’s the members who run the club and all of its events. The success of GOC is entirely down to the many members who have played a part in organising something for the club, and we encourage new people to step forward and help.

There are three main ways that a member can get involved in helping the club:

Organise an Event

Talk to the Group Coordinator of your local or specialist group and see how you can help their programme by running an event. You are able to submit events on the website which are then reviewed and publishing by the Group Coordinator. For most GOC events you don’t need experience but there are always people in the group to help you plan and run the event. There are also guidelines for organising an event on this website under Information.

Help Run a Group

Many groups have a few people who help the Coordinator with things like keeping the events up to date on the website or organising some local publicity – splitting the tasks of a Coordinator amongst a group of people helps spread the load and also gets people enthusiastic about the group. If you want to help with your local group, talk to your Coordinator.

Help the National Committee

The committee, listed in the Governance page, are responsible for Coordinating GOC at a national level. There is a continuing need for people to help, either by serving on the committee or by helping with things like publicity. If you want to help, please contact the Chairman.

Please don’t wait to be asked to step forward – if you want to do something for the club please put yourself forward. There is plenty of help available for whatever you want to do, and you could find that you get much more from the club by putting a little bit in.

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