Gay Outdoor Club
The activity club for gay men and women and their friends

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Gay Outdoor Club?

The Gay Outdoor Club is a national organisation which welcomes lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender members and their friends. It was established over thirty years ago and has thousands of members in its groups throughout the county. So where we are is almost certainly near you. Look at the groups page to find out the one nearest you, or use our events search tool to find activities near you.

Is it UK-only?

We regularly organise trips abroad which in the last few years have included the Pyrenees, Morocco (Atlas Mountains), Utah, Iceland, several Alpine trips and a Himalayan trip. Our links page has details of groups around the world and we have particularly strong links with Germany and other parts of Europe, often organising joint meetings with those groups.

What sort of activities are there?

Walking is the most common activity in the Club, but a huge range of other activities are offered. As well as outdoor activities we also do things indoors too, like playing badminton and climbing walls. Our activities page shows all the types of event that we organise.

Suppose my favourite activity isn't represented?

We hold joint events with other groups, including GLUG, the Gay and Lesbian Underwater Group, Goslings, the London-based badminton and swimming group and CycleOut, the London based cycling group. If you want to organise an activity not currently found within GOC, contact us and we will try to include it.

And if I don't like the range of activities locally?

Members are welcome to take part in any of our events across the country and you could also offer to organise events for your local group.

What do I get as a Member?

There are a whole range of benefits to being a member including full access to this site, our professional quality magazine (Outdoors), the ability to attend member-only events and lots more – click on join to see more details.

Am I in a minority if I'm a woman?

Currently most groups have a lot more men than women but we are working to change that. Our Women’s Officer could help you network with other women in your area to establish a core in your local group.

What do I do next?

Have a look around and come along to one of our events!

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